Advertising Destinations

What is an Advertising Destination? It is a location that can be physical or digital where ads are conveyed to viewers.

When you talk about a physical location, it could be a grocery store or a coffee shop. Anywhere there is foot traffic, is a possible destination.

A great example of a digital advertising destination would be a web page. If you buys ads on a web page like facebook or ticktock then it would be digital.

Lets talk about advertising in monitors. Monitors can be placed anywhere there are people. They are a great distraction if some one is waiting in line or has a few minutes.

If you have a business with a larger volume of foot traffic, you could be considered for becoming an Advertising Destination for Now Advertising Media. (and for yourself as well).

Here is how it works. You hang our special monitors in your business.

People book spots on the monitors based on the price we all come up with for your specific location. We like a 50/50 partnership. We provide the tech and support as well as potential spot buyers at your destination. You provide the venue. So a 100 spot would pay your company 50 a month and our company 50 a month. Sounds like a win win. The spot price is decided by the host(your company) and us, Now Advertising Media.

The spots could be more or less depending on your wants and needs.

Now Advertising Media drops the files into your TV remotely. That means if some one wants a spot made for your location, Now Advertising Media makes the spot, gets acceptance of the spot, then drops it into your monitor or monitors. We are very excited about this technology and are happy to be in the front in the deployment of this tech. We believe it will make a big deal in the bottom line of many companies. We invite you to start a chat with us about all the things we can do.