Legacy Media

We offer a wide range of general and specialized legacy media promotional options. We feel that in this digital age some segments have become ad blind. It is possible to reengage key segments using legacy media.

Radio: This medium can be used to steer your target market back into other promotions or advertising. Very overlooked now.

Physical Promotions (Gamification) The use of gamification is almost limitless. It is one of our best tools. There is lots of science behind it and we believe in and use it on a regular basis.

Print: An example of Legacy Media in print is one of our Town Wide Promotions called Cartoon City. We create a caricature of your city with the merchants that buy a spot. This fun exaggerated city map gets hung everywhere by the merchants and residents of the city! They love the fun graphics. Every time some one looks at the map, your company gets another plug. Fun stuff.


This type of advertising is often overlooked but incredible. Most small companies do not think they can afford one but your friends at N.A.M. can source what you need for less.